Syncthing won't load after OnePlus 6 upgrade to Android 10

As the title reads.

Syncthing hangs on the “loading GUI” prompt. I’ve checked and granted full permissions to the app.

Anyone have any suggestions for a fix?



Wait… Is this x86_64 architecture? Happy new year :clinking_glasses:

No, it’s AArch64.

Ok, this should work. Can you please grab an “adb logcat v” log from pc when starting it?

Sorry, can you break this down for a layperson? I googled that command and it appears I need some to install some debugging software on my PC?

Happy to send error logs, just not sure how to do it!

Thank you!

Here is a good guide to grab logs for you with Download link :

Great, thank you! Here is the log.

logcat.txt (803.0 KB)

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Ok, the API from the native did not come up. Did you try simple things like a) force close the app or b) reboot your phone?

Yes, both. No luck!

Ok, I can’t see why the supported arch doesn’t work. Is it the same for Syncthing-Fork?

Sorry, come again?

You could try if this one works or fails with the same error:


Just installed it, so far so good. Adding the directories - hoping it won’t do a full resync (and instead just sync any recent unmirrored changes).

Will follow-up in a bit to confirm if this is resolved or not.

I think this is resolved. Thank you!

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