Syncthing With Serato DJ

I work for an Entertainment company, and we recently decided to try Syncthing as a means to keep all of our DJ laptops updated with our current Promo Music Files.

So far we have a local Windows System as the origin, sharing the music folder with 2 (eventually 5) receiving devices.

However, we use Serato DJ when mixing at events, and are concerned with how setting Hot Cues affects file names in regard to how syncthing will identify files. We are trying to avoid Duplicate songs, and dont want to have to resync our 20k data base every time changes are made via Serato on one of the receiving devices.

any Clarification on the topic would be greatly appreciated, as I am just beginning to understand Syncthing.


It sounds like your question is more related to Serato DJ than Syncthing. Syncthing just syncs files. What the other program does with “hot cues” I can’t say.

I figured it was sort of a shot in the dark, and I’m sure I’m not explaining it as well as it could be.

From what I understand, The hot cues are marked using ID3s. And Syncthing uses hashes to check for files when scanning?

Im wondering how the two interact, and whether the ID3s will change the file enough that Syncthing identifies it as something else entirely.

Thank you for replying, and sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I just don’t have any prior knowledge.

ID3v1 is appended at the end of the file, so most of the file (and the blocks Syncthing uses) should stay the same. ID3sv2 is at the beginning of the file, but depending on how it is created and if the frame used for hot cue already existed, the change could be an in place update without shifting the data of the file, so only one 128K block at the beginning of the file needs to be (re)transferred.

And even if the data is shifted, the rolling hash should be able to still match blocks, thus only retransmitting the small part that actually changed.

One thing that can cause issues though is id3 editors that change file the id3 tag but don’t update the file modification time. That means Syncthing doesn’t detect the change and subsequent syncs can fail.

Awesome, That is very helpful.

My follow up question would then be, since I have a Hub system (A) which has the origin files, sending to systems (B) and © which will be adding these ID3’s via Hot Cues, will these minor file tweaks on the receiving end cause B and C to show as out of Sync with A?

Hi Fiesty. I was using syncthing with Traktor (3) to sync all my music on several Devices (local PC with Traktor <> Traktor Laptop) Traktor saves Cue Points in a separate Database - I’m sure Serato will too… as @wweich wrote: ID3 tags in the songfile…

If you only need to sync music you only need to sync your music folder(s).

If you want to sync your song related infos such as cue points, bpm etc you will need to sync the serato database folder too. I think the music in the database are folderpath “hard coded”. So maybe you need to have the same folderpaths to your music on all devices. greetings Eddy2909 aka Matador :wink:

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