syncthing with CDN

I have a thought regarding of the data transmission.

Correct me if I am wrong about the protocol. Currently all the data transferred over TCP port 22000, the client and so-called server (send only) will establish a secure connection using port 22000, all the data will crypt.

I have changed the port to 80, by using the firewall command on my server side, and also change the server’s CNAME to CDN’s. after done that, It will never ever connect.

Here is my setup currently.

Node A is configured with send only, node B and C is configured with send and receive mode, they are all connected with each other.


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Node A is considered as a master node, when there is an update, it will sync with B and C using random order file pull, B and C will sync with each other using the downloaded random file. It can speed up a little bit.

I am wondering if there is a way to speed up transmission by using CDN, here is my proposal, In the situation, when people don’t need the secure data channel, they can use port 22000 to establish the connection between nodes, but the data send over between each node will using port 80 instead. All the data transmitted using HTTP get or something fit CDN environment.

Please let me know if it is the best way to do this.



I have no idea what you are trying to do, but CDN is HTTP, syncthing protocol is not HTTP.

I am trying to sync some online games through the syncthing, like steam for example, I am using syncthing to pre-download game client instead of normal users click the icon and wait 1-2 hours. The PC’s not under same LAN, they are geographically seperated, and my server is hit the maximum bandwidth currently, the average sync speed has been droped, so I am wondering if I can get CDN to be used, it is much more faster for sync a 10G games.

I don’t know anything about CDN, so I can’t be of help there, but your use case should be perfectly suited by Syncthing without anything on top: If possible let clients connect to each other, if this isn’t possible/desirable, set up additional Syncthing “servers”.

Hi Simon

In my setup, I do let all the client to connect with each other within one site.

Yes, set up an additional send-only Syncthing will help off load other send-only Syncthing, thanks for your advise.

You cannot combine syncthing with CDN.

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