SyncThing with ARM Terramaster NAS

I have installed the SyncThing app on my TNAS F2-210.

But I cannot access the SyncThing Web Interface (http or https).

I always get the error message “This site can’t be reached refused to connect.”

I have tried disabling all firewalls but the error persists. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Are you trying to connect remotely right after the installation? If yes, this likely won’t work, because Syncthing needs have its GUI address changed to in order to allow remote access first. Otherwise, only the local device is allowed to access the GUI, which is the NAS in your case.

If you have access by ssh to that device, you should be able to access the webgui by port forwarding, e.g.

ssh user@terramaster -L 18384:localhost:8384

Will allow you to access the syncthing gui of your NAS (which is at localhost:8384 from your NAS’ perspective) by accessing localhost:18384 on your PC.

You can also choose to allow access from, in which case you should add a password to the gui (syncthing will ask you to do so)

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