Syncthing Windows Setup v1.27.0

Syncthing Windows Setup is a lightweight yet full-featured Windows installer.

Documentation and download: GitHub - Bill-Stewart/SyncthingWindowsSetup: Syncthing Windows Setup

Changes from previous version:

  • Fixed: Service reinstall did not reset the service account password under some circumstances.

  • Updated check for Syncthing running state to wait for up to 10 seconds at post-install.

  • Updated shawl utility.

  • Changed service start/stop to the ServMan utility.

  • Upgrading from a version older than 1.27.0 performs an automatic uninstall first. This change was made to clean up legacy upgrade code. Due to this change, if you upgrade an administrative install from version 1.19.1 the configuration will not be migrated. You must first upgrade to version 1.26.1 to migrate the configuration, and then upgrade to 1.27.0 or later.

  • Added /noconfigpage parameter to hide checkbox on post-install page.

  • Added SetupVersion.ini to manage Setup version for later upgrades.

  • Automatic uninstall provided by UninsIS.dll.