Syncthing Windows Setup v1.26.0

Syncthing Windows Setup is a lightweight yet full-featured Windows installer.

Documentation and download: GitHub - Bill-Stewart/SyncthingWindowsSetup: Syncthing Windows Setup

Changes from previous version:

  • Fixed: Configuration file path permission not set correctly for admin installs when service account doesn’t yet exist.

  • Removed Setup /nostart command line parameter. Use the startserviceafterinstall (admin install mode) or startafterinstall (non admin install mode) tasks instead.

  • Updated post-install page to allow user to open the Syncthing configuration page.


Glad, you did it before I begin :wink:

Great software package I´m using as EXE from its start in parallel to the MSI.

Thanks for the feedback! It looks like the switch from nssm to shawl has fixed numerous false-positive malware notifications, which is a good thing…