Syncthing Windows Setup v1.25.0

Syncthing Windows Setup is a lightweight yet full-featured Windows installer.

Documentation and download: GitHub - Bill-Stewart/SyncthingWindowsSetup: Syncthing Windows Setup

Changes from previous releases:

  • Due to a number of security vendors automatically assuming NSSM is malware (even though it was being used legitimately), Setup now uses shawl to run the Windows service. (The hope is that this will reduce the number of security software false positive malware notitifications when downloading and running Setup.)

  • At the request of the Syncthing maintainers, relaying is now enabled by default. If you installed an older version that disabled relays by default and you want to enable relaying, do one of the following:

    • On the Select Configuration Settings page, specify true for the Relays enabled option, or
    • Specify /relaysenabled=true on the Setup command line
  • Removed Configure Syncthing Service shortcut (administrative installation mode only).

  • Added Reset-SyncthingServiceAccountPassword.ps1 script (administrative installation mode only).

  • The name of the installed package in the Windows application list now reflects the installation mode (admin or current user).


There’s a bug in Setup version 1.25.0: If you install in administrative installation mode and the service account does not exist (typically, a new install), Setup tries to set the configuration directory permissions before the service account exists, which fails silently. To work around this, run Setup again to reinstall. This will be fixed in the next version.