Syncthing will not delete folders in MAC OS X deleted on a PC

I am just starting to use Syncthing so please excuse me if I am asking about things you have already tackled several times, it is just that I cannot find answers even with searching this long forum.

I have three questions if I may:

  1. As the subject states; I delete folders on my PC and I see all the folders’ content removed from my MAC but the folders themselves remain with an Out-Of-Sync error: "The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved. Audio - Video Utilities directory not empty." The folder “Audio - Video Utilities” is emptied but not deleted. The reverse is OK, when I delete a folder on the MAC it is removed on the PC. How can I correct this behavior. My MAC OS is v10.8.5, Windows PC Ultimate x64, Syncthing v0.12.22.

  2. If I start out with two folders (one on each machine) already containing files and folders in each, what will syncing them with Syncthing do? Will I end up with identical folders with missing files and folders copied between the two synced folders, OR will I end up with two synced folders with the missing files deleted from both? Is this a A<+>B or a A<->B sync?

  3. Are the deleted files and folders stored on the HDs (where?) or are they permanently deleted?

I appreciate the help and I appreciate a guide to a pdf-version User Guide I can study. Bless you all.

1 .You most likely have ignored files in the directory which are preventing its removal. 2. It will be a union of all files. 3. Depends you use versioning or not.

This was fast :slight_smile: Thank u.

  1. Seems the directories that have special folder icons are not deleted because of the hidden “.DS_Store” file,
  2. Union of all files, this is good,
  3. I am not using “versioning”, so are files immediately deleted? (Which is what i prefer (to save space). Thanks again.

They are not deleted, because they are probably ignored.

If no versioning is enabled, files are deleted immediately.

thank you very much

v 0.13 will have the ability to ignore files and delete them if they are the only thing preventing a folder deletion, which will fix this problem.

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