Syncthing when traveling re: firewall

I’m new to syncthing, have been using BTSync/Resilio in the past. One thing I have a question on. It seems like getting syncthing working requires port forwarding through firewall/router. Is this always the case?

If so, then syncthing would only really be syncing at home, not at office/school/traveling/etc, as these firewalls are out of my control, correct?

Thank you

If Syncthing cannot get a direct connection it will use relay servers. But that servers normally have speed limits of 100KB/s per connection. For fast transfers, you need a direct connection. For a direct connection, one of the two devices needs to have port forwarding, so if you want to sync office/school/traveling/etc with your device at home, it will work, as you can setup port forwarding at home.

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Syncthing will use UPnP and also only needs one device to accept incoming connections. If it cannot make a direct connection it will fall back to using the relay network to establish connections.

This is all described in the firewall documentation.



I didn’t realize only ONE device needed to have access. I will set up my home computer to run direct connection.

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