Syncthing Web UI bug: Cannot rescan single folder but all


I think I’ve found another bug in the Web UI. When a folder shows the “Local Additions” - “Revert local additions” state and button, the “rescan” button is greyed out for the affected folder.

I was stuck and urgently needed to manual rescan that folder, so I hit “Rescan all” and the folder with the greyed out button and local additions also showed the state “Scanning” for some minutes.

I expect that the button is not greyed out during local additions state as rescan works fine.

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Yeah there’s a list somewhere in the gui with states that allow scanning. The local additions one is clearly missing. Please file it, or file it and fix it :slight_smile:


Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

Ref.: Allow rescan at folder state "Local Additions" · Issue #6578 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub


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