Syncthing vs rclone, Rsync and file venison's

Hey, So I figured before I use syncthing to confirm it’s for my use I am trying to use it for.

I have an external drive that I want to copy/back up to another external drive. I want a mear copy from drive 1 to drive 2. I want file versioning that doesn’t duplicate existing data and only saves changes.

The issue with rclone, and Rsync… they don’t do that and are not proper things for this. Restic is great but you need that somewhere to read your data. I don’t want that. I want it just to copy the same files over not have to rely on a program to read my data.

So if this is the right program that does a proper copy of the files with all the data and metadata then what are the best settings for, File versioning, Ownership, and Extended Attributes settings.

Thank you in advance.

Syncthing does not do this.

Well, in theory it does. You use 2 machines and add 1 drive to each of them and share those machines. So my question is am I missing something? Maybe it’s not made for that purpose, but it can be used at least, so it seems.

Sure, yes. It does not copy/version between two drives on the same computer though, which is what I thought you were asking for.

Ya should have been more clear. Well, technically it’s on the same PC since running Docker and using Docker container to pass the other drive through. Yes, running two separate instances of syncthing. So if that’s the case, is it possible to do what I want? If so, which version option am I best off with?

It’s super clear to me what precisely it is you want, but set up the two devices & folders, enable versioning as you prefer, and see what happens.

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