Syncthing VM | synchronize host folders, how to include them?

I would like to run Syncthing in a VM and would like to synchronize the host folders in which the hypervisor or VM is running. The basis of the VM is a Debian Linux.

How do I include the host folders to work with them?

The host is a UGREEN DXP6800pro NAS, also with a Linux operating system. I have also found an appliance for a VM and this is already running on the NAS.

Best place for a solution is either in the documentation and/or the user forum for whatever virtualization platform is being used to host the VM.

That being said, there are several options available including making the host directories available via network shares (e.g. NFS, SMB, sshfs), but from the perspective of Syncthing, there will be some caveats such as file watching generally not being supported over network filesystems. Another option that might be available is a filesystem overlay.

What’s the benefit of the VM in this scenario?

I´m not sure.

Currently on my Ugreen DXP I run Syncthing in a Docker container and have 49 folders, 1.281.404 files, 110.532 directories, ~2,81 TiB of data involved and some GB of data needs days to sync.

On my Synology xs I use a native installation with very good performance and data exchange went with max. network performance. So I want to try in a VM, which for me have potentially a better performance.


Native > Container > VM

Are you running UGOS? If that’s the case, you should be able to add our apt repository, as it’s 99% Debian.

With that you mean the follow of performance?

And yes, I run the DXP with UGOS. If I understand in the right way, you mean to install a native Syncthing with apt-get install syncthing. With such things I´m not sure with NAS systems because of system updates etc.

It’s a customized Debian Bookworm. You should be able to add our APT repo.