Syncthing v1.5.0


This release changes the default location for the index database under some circumstances. Two new flags can also be used to affect the location of the configuration (-config) and database (-data) separately. The old -home flag is equivalent to setting both of these to the same directory. When no flags are given the following logic is used to determine the data location:

  • If a database exists in the old default location, that location is still used. This means existing installations are not affected by this change.
  • If $XDG_DATA_HOME is set, use $XDG_DATA_HOME/syncthing.
  • If ~/.local/share/syncthing exists, use that location.
  • Use the old default location.

This logic is used on non-Windows, non-Mac platforms only. On Windows and Mac the logic is unchanged.


  • #3808: gui: Number of days must be number flashes red then disappears
  • #5809: stdiscosrv failed to load keypair without proper error message
  • #6410: Wrong 30-days-interval in staggered versioning
  • #6430: Incorrect out-of-sync/locally changed status indication on folders
  • #6436: Revert Local Changes red button does not work correctly
  • #6440: Doesn’t run monitor process when started with STNORESTART=1
  • #6450: LDAP auth doesn’t handle LDAPS with certificate validation
  • #6487: Scan problem within single unignored subdirectory prevents bidirectional sync


  • #4924: Move index db to $XDG_DATA_HOME/syncthing/
  • #5376: Improve LDAP authentication
  • #6384: Do auto upgrades early and synchronously on startup
  • #6416: Improve device status for “unused” devices
  • #6432: Deleted file that existed locally only reported as locally changed
  • #6437: Don’t start browser when restarting after upgrade

Other issues

  • #6471: Windows exe isn’t properly version tagged

Thanks to all devs and contributors :dart: for putting out great software :trophy: even during these strange times :mask:


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