Syncthing v1.21.0



  • #8219: REST API: db/completion no output when one folder is paused
  • #8479: Panic in failure reporting


  • #1329: Add support for syncing ownership of files
  • #7981: Show likely status of disconnected devices
  • #8296: Auto-accepted receive-encrypted folders should have more sensible defaults
  • #8323: Show internally used paths in the GUI for debugging
  • #8448: Remove “restart on wakeup” functionality

I just tried 1.21 and am really positively excited about “Show likely status of disconnected devices”. I have a remote device that I can’t visit daily (it is not the device in the screenshot), so if gigabytes pile up, I know something is going wrong.

Turns out the UI is too small to incorporate all the information (e.g. is this gigabytes or megabytes or gigabit?) that is supposed to be shown in the German translated version of Syncthing: grafik

Maybe some kind of line wrap could be added to the row? Alternatively the text could be shortened or spread across multiple rows.


The same problem takes place in many other parts of the GUI actually. The current solution/workaround is to display the full content on mouse hover, however this hasn’t been implemented in this specific case.


this is a helpful feature! you could shorten text to just “status”

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