Syncthing v1.2.2 (plus relaysrv/discosrv)



  • #5824: Sync Protocol Listen Address in Actions behaves badly
  • #5836: panic: chmod …: operation not permitted
  • #5839: Prevent leaking log info into stack traces
  • #5866: No indication in GUI that Syncthing has been shut down
  • #5888: Adding/updating pending folders is inefficient
  • #5908: panic: close of closed channel in lib/syncthing when shutting down
  • #5920: Free space error message is unintelligeble
  • #5934: Dialing regards any established connection as successful / does not check device ID


  • #5738: Avoid logging http: TLS handshake error ... remote error: tls: unknown certificate
  • #5940: TLS: Support x25519, reconsider elliptic curve priority in handshake

Other issues

  • #5115: Include systemd units in stdiscosrv/strelaysrv Debian packages
  • #5901: TestPullInvalidIgnoredSR flakyness + data race

I also made new discovery server and relay server releases to pick up the latest dependencies and Go fixes.

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Not sure where to post this - move somewhere else if you want - , but I just noticed that both the discovery and relay server v1.2.2 are printing missing build information on start (both debian and github releases):

Started Syncthing Discovery Server.
stdiscosrv  (go1.12.9 linux-amd64) @ 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC


Started Syncthing Relay Server.
main.go:149: strelaysrv  (go1.12.9 linux-amd64) @ 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC`

The older releases (v1.0.1) print correct data here, for example stdiscosrv v1.0.1 (go1.11.5 linux-amd64) 2019-01-18 10:34:18 UTC.

Other than the missing info, the binaries work fine.

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File it, I think.


thanks for that new release, for the record I’ve just built some rpms for CentOS 8 including syncthing and all tools (syncthing-tools package).

Please try and report.


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