Syncthing v1.2.1



  • #5308: FreeBSD: Create new file does not generate a fs event.
  • #5801: panic: close of nil channel in relay client stop
  • #5803: Web UI shows confusing description on RC builds when upgrades are disabled
  • #5828: panic: Index update for not running folder
  • #5833: Paused folder shows filesystem watcher error
  • #5837: panic: runtime error: index out of range in recheckFile
  • #5849: Cannot concatenate external versioner template variables ("%FOLDER_PATH%/%FILE_PATH%")
  • #5880: panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference in loadIgnoreFile


  • #5811: Download progress of folders in the UI should update more frequently

Other issues

  • #5754: Support paging on jobQueue.Jobs
  • #5813: Potential bugs on old cores: using 64-bit functions sync/atomic
  • #5853: Inconsistent handling of empty folder path

Thanks to the team as always for your amazing work, amazing support and amazing tool - it has literally changed the way I work!


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