Syncthing v1.19.0



  • #8103: API: /rest/system/connections has misleading “total” entries


  • #7428: Add ignore patterns to folder defaults
  • #8090: Allow specifying ports in --generate

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If i may ask, which ignore patterns were introduce specifically? Is it the ones from the first post in the Github issue (Add ignore patterns to folder defaults · Issue #7428 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub) or has there been some change? - The discussion and merged pull request was quite long.

Also, if i want to add these to my older already set up folders, do i have to manually add them, or have they been added automatically via v1.19.0 ?

The change isn’t about introducing some arbitrary preset patterns but rather giving the user an ability to set their own that are then added automatically on folder creation.

You can define them in “Actions → Settings → Edit Folder Defaults”.


Thank you, that answered my questions :slight_smile:

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