Syncthing v1.18.0



  • #7708: irreversible Local Additions after re-adding the same folder as Receive Only
  • #7731: Scan due to watcher can not found local change while modify file to empty
  • #7733: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘urAccepted’ of undefined
  • #7741: Out-of-sync state of zero-byte files is not reflected on peers


  • #7700: Add rest endpoint(s) to dismiss pending folder/device invitations
  • #7705: Accepting a receive encrypted folder share should prompt the user to input a password
  • #7722: Database GC can block for a long time
  • #7724: Ensure encryption to untrusted on new, trusted device on an existing folder
  • #7742: Use defaults for missing fields on the config rest API
  • #7743: Show discovery and listener status when not failed

Thanks to all devs and contributors! :heart:

:tophat: tip to @imsodin for all the optimizations under the hood (although I don’t understand 99% of it :smiley:) and keeping our data :100: safe!


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