Syncthing v1.17.0


This release deprecates TLS 1.2 for sync connections; other side should be Syncthing 1.3.0 or newer, or see insecureAllowOldTLSVersions.


  • #7592: Web UI doesn’t handle long machine names well
  • #7593: ChaCha priority detection logic broken
  • #7608: Files ignored on one remote do not get synced
  • #7649: Incorrect local and global states after ignoring and unignoring files
  • #7673: bug: cli subcommand is stuck on non-interactive shell
  • #7677: UTF-8 normalization doesn’t work on macOS
  • #7685: CLI: strconv.ParseInt error when adding new device via CLI
  • #7699: Sharing receive encrypted folder as receive encrypted with yet another device creates conflicts


  • #7471: Improve UDP hole punching
  • #7580: Improve logging for service failures
  • #7594: Consider removing support for TLS <1.3 on sync connections
  • #7600: Fast connect to new devices following config update
  • #7636: Improve QUIC performance

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