Syncthing v1.14.0


This release adds configurable device and folder defaults.

The output format of the /rest/db/browse endpoint has changed.


  • #5426: Old device removed from introducer isn’t removable from other devices
  • #6086: Default Folder uses different config than user-created folders
  • #7257: Rescan All button should be greyed out when all folders are paused.
  • #7263: GUI displays Syncing (100%, 0 B) when syncing byte-sized files
  • #7267: GUI log tailing is broken if closed when scrolled up
  • #7268: Data requests block each other, and some API requests, due to casefs lock contention
  • #7270: Data requests block API requests that also touch the filesystem
  • #7273: Data requests block adding new folder
  • #7280: Stopped folder not synchronizing after a rescan
  • #7284: Do not touch .stignore on saving folder config when ignore patterns have not changed
  • #7287: Tons of “Found x elements with non-unique id #optionsInputX” JavaScript errors when opening Advanced Configuration
  • #7333: Encrypted folder fails to serve files < 1024 bytes
  • #7347: “TypeError: Cannot set property ‘connected’ of undefined” error when removing devices
  • #7354: Error message when external versioning fails is ambiguous
  • #7371: junctionsAsDirs requires Syncthing restart to trigger


  • #944: Handle info labels that are longer than available space
  • #4224: Editable default values for folders, devices
  • #5187: Remove pending folders if remote device no longer announces them
  • #6949: Visual eye sore on Advanced Configuration page.
  • #7340: Change name from “Open Source Continuous File Synchronization” to “Syncthing” in Windows Firewall

Other issues

  • #7344: Very slow tests due to encryption token generation

Thank you very much for putting lots of time and love into Syncthing :tada: .


And I love that you make nice and awesome Android (fork) builds <3 !!


I’m sorry for a late comment, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for the newly added configurable defaults.

Adding new folders has become extremely smooth and painless, without the need to edit things like Versioning manually every time, or having to dig into the Advanced Configuration to tweak some specific values, etc. The whole process is more like “set once and forget” now :slightly_smiling_face:.


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