Syncthing v1.10.0


This release adds the config option announceLANAddresses to enable (the default) or disable announcing private (RFC1918) LAN IP addresses to global discovery.


  • #6880: fatal error: concurrent map iteration and map write
  • #6917: Reconsider db check on upgrade
  • #6930: Can’t add new folder with versioning enabled, Cleanup Interval field lacks default value
  • #6940: TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘startsWith’ in IE 11 / Windows 7
  • #6943: Missing strings for translation
  • #6961: Accounting issue with receive-only deleted files causing spurious 95% completion for remote devices
  • #6968: Very slow scans on Windows in 1.9.0
  • #6972: Deleting a folder containing a symlink results in a permanently out of sync on windows
  • #6973: given name “~syncthing~xxx.tmp” differs from name in filesystem “~syncthing~XXX.tmp”


  • #4277: Announce internal and external address to the global discovery service, encrypted (not actually encrypted)
  • #6734: Consider moving configuration to a proto contract
  • #6928: Announce LAN addresses to global discovery

Other issues

  • #5436: MultiArch for Docker

Just noticed the announce internal addresses says encrypted. We don’t announce encrypted, so not sure if the ticket should be changed, or this should reopen the ticket?

I retitled the issue and tweaked the notes here, not much we can do about the baked in release notes in the tag. I don’t think it’s a big deal, the original thinking was that we were going to leak potentially sensitive addresses and hence needed encryption, now we instead filter the addresses carefully.

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