Syncthing v1.1.4



  • #4613: Progress emitter doesn’t start from config change if disabled at startup
  • #5338: Version restore not possible with custom versioning path set
  • #5421: WebGui: Locally Changed Items vanish when clicking 10|25|50
  • #5578: Filesystem watcher error when watching disk root directory on Windows
  • #5641: Syncthing gets stuck in a high CPU “Failed Files” state - Possibly a symlink issue?
  • #5649: Checking block content on unexpected request results doesn’t work for the last block
  • #5654: Incorrect file info passed as argument to delete existing dir/symlink
  • #5704: Failure to fsync() files should not be fatal


  • #1634: Use copy instead of rename for version folder on other file systems
  • #4531: GUI folder/device status rows should handle longer values nicer
  • #4586: Versioner file tagging is inconsistent
  • #4631: In-GUI restoration should be possible from trashcan versioner
  • #5419: File versioning across drives
  • #5659: Old sync errors should not linger while retrying

Other issues

  • #5505: Leaking goroutines through model and leveldb
  • #5706: Spurious test failures on Windows



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