Syncthing v1.0.1 (plus discovery & relay servers)


This is a regularly scheduled patch release.


  • #2697: Folder status “box” character not readable by screen readers / not color blindness friendly
  • #4216: “Automatic upgrades” web GUI option in pre-release versions is misleading
  • #5340: Incorrectly out of sync, sequence number oddness.
  • #5385: Deleted files show up as failed scans
  • #5389: gui: Missing icon in footer
  • #5392: Data race in model.(*folder).startWatch()
  • #5397: Scan errors about ignored files displayed in web UI
  • #5401: panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference in ignore.go
  • #5411: Illegal characters in folder name on auto accept
  • #5428: Beeps randomly on Windows

Other issues

  • #5148: Consider switching to Go modules
  • #5422: TestIssue3028 flaky on windows


There are new binary releases of stdiscosrv and strelayserv to fix CVE-2019-6486.

All of these are available on if Debian packages are your thing.



Thanks! Was it build with Go 1.11.5 (fixed) too?

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