Syncthing v0.14.53... oh... and v0.14.54

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  • #4738: File restore doesn’t work on one folder
  • #4780: Logging debugging flags stay after disabling all debug facilities in the web UI
  • #5267: Disabling the minimum disk free space check on folders doesn’t work
  • #5270: panic: interface conversion: interface {} is map[string]string, not map[string]interface {}
  • #5291: panic: runtime error: index out of range
  • #5294: Removed devices do not influnce the list of locally needed files
  • #5296: strelaypoolsrv, cmd/ursrv: Google maps issue in the GUI
  • #5299: panic: bug: unknown device should already have been rejected
  • #5323: Files not deleted properly when one side has ignore permissions set


  • #1347: Directory auto-complete should be case-insensitive
  • #3439: Ship .desktop files
  • #4000: Add “select all” / “deselect all” to folder and device sharing dialogs
  • #4480: Should show indication of local files/directories that can’t be scanned for whatever reason
  • #5256: Upgrade SSL Certificate to use modern cipher

Other issues

  • #5247: cmd/stdiscosrv: test suite sometimes seg faults on OpenBSD
  • #5280: Update to the new prometheus client API

(uok) #2

Thanks to all devs, contributors and bug hunters! :beers:

(Jakob Borg) #3


Quick fix for the GUI/browser issue.


  • #5348: Web GUI doesn’t work in older browsers

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