Syncthing v0.14.52



  • #5130: “Revert Local Changes” button stays when the file causing it is deleted
  • #5194: Unscanned/conflicting files are overwritten/removed in niche cases
  • #5226: Watcher fails due to filepath.EvalSymlinks error (FindFirstFile)
  • #5233: Folder restart can leave several folder instances running
  • #5249: Impossible to change device name from web UI


  • #2497: CheckFolderHealth wakes up disk at index exchange
  • #3616: Disable GUI and make API available on unix socket
  • #5142: “Support bundle” download
  • #5193: Should exit with code zero when run with -help
  • #5236: Consider moving to Fork-Awesome or another free font

Thanks everybody! :beers:


I have a question about support bundles. Looking through the github issues it looked like there would be a button in the gui to produce a support bundle, but I could not find it. Is it only activated in certain cases or did I look in the wrong area?

I also had an issue with a clean start (without old configs) of the new version on Windows, but I am not sure yet if it is an issue on my side. I will test it and report if it is reproducible.

Thanks for a reminder that the docs aren’t there yet. You need to enable debugging and then you’ll get an extra entry in the actions menu.


Thanks. I found it. For some reason I have always missed that part of the documentation before.

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