Syncthing v0.14.51

(Jakob Borg) #1



  • #2370: Scanning and deletes should be processed even when above the free space limit
  • #5078: panic: nil pointer dereference when unpausing folders
  • #5117: cmd/stdiscosrv: Not enough traffic breaks replication between discovery servers
  • #5125: Symlinks marked as removed on windows
  • #5127: Parent directories of unignored files keep being included and immediately ignored again
  • #5131: Progress updates are ignored for send only folders
  • #5151: cmd/stdiscosrv: Should not allow localhost addresses
  • #5180: Docker image fails when PGID set to existing group
  • #5183: panic: bug: Notify backend is processing a change outside of the filesystem root


  • #2291: Permanently notify about initial connection requests
  • #4782: Reduce unnecessary syncing / database traversal
  • #5163: GUI authentication using LDAP

Other issues

  • #4758: Suture services should not survive panics
  • #5110: Run folder tests in temporary directories


New discovery server release.

(uok) #2

Thanks everybody who contributed to this release!

(Jakob Borg) #3

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