Syncthing v0.14.5 (with minor updates to discovery & relay servers)

Syncthing v0.14.5

This is a minor release recommended for all users.

Starting from this release Syncthing is built with Go 1.7, giving improved performance.

Resolved issues since v0.14.4:

  • #3492, #3493: Completion percentage calculations have been improved.
  • #3513: Windows build have been fixed for Go 1.7, and now requires Go 1.7.
  • #3517: A zero progress update interval doesn’t drive up CPU usage during syncing any more.
  • #3516: Virtual modtime handling has been fixed, so that master folders no longer become spuriously out of sync.
  • #3529: Temporary index sorting databases are removed from disk at startup, if left over after a hard stop.
  • #3500, #3530: Automatic upgrade takes more care to not leave temporaries behind or remove the original in case of upgrade failure.

Relay Server v0.14.5

  • #3503: Relay server no longer crashes with “send on closed channel”.
  • #3505: Relay server can open ports using uPNP.
  • #3506: Relay server can properly listen on IPv6 only or IPv4 only.

Discovery Server v0.14.5

  • #3509: Discovery server now returns Seen time value in UTC.
  • #3511: Discovery server now generates a new key pair when one doesn’t exist at startup.