Syncthing v0.14.48

(Jakob Borg) #1



  • #4897: Pausing on introducer removes device on other devices
  • #4901: API returns empty response if non-existing files are #included
  • #4903: Syncthing recreates the directories for deleted/missing “Folders”
  • #4915: .stignore is accidentaly overwritten by web UI on slow machines
  • #4918: GUI unresponsive or unusable with many folders or devices
  • #4941: “Watching for Changes” dialog undismissable
  • #4947: Recent Changes shows empty folder label


Other issues

  • #4909: Custom Windows icon missing in latest release


Congrats for the new release!

The GUI optimizations are quite noticeable, the UI finally became more usable on my dual-core CPUs with huge configs.


(Jakob Borg) #3

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