Syncthing v0.14.47



  • #4815: Local host header check is too restrictive
  • #4833: Unclear error message about failed watcher when running out of inotify watches
  • #4870: Don’t show a warning when a file from a paused folder is requested
  • #4875: Zeroed local/global “state” (local files untouched) and remote file deletion with root Windows symlink


  • #4516: Bandwidth throttling per remote device
  • #4552: Add UI for filesystem watcher
  • #4823: Don’t show ignored files in the “global changes” list
  • #4828: Global change log should indicate folder

Other issues

  • #4749: Make all tests Go 1.10 caching compatible
  • #4868: Docker Documentation

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Well done with the new file watcher. CPU usage is way down.


Translation strings updates where forgotten

Nope. Those updates are automated so that they cannot be forgotten (otherwise I would forget them, I have previously…). But keep in mind that the release done yesterday was cut from the master branch almost a month ago. The relevant translation update is the latest one prior to 0.14.47-rc.1.

Love the new UI arrangement for Shared Folder options - much easier to deal with. Thanks!

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Is there another transifex team or other translation system?

I don’t understand the question.

Hi Jakob

I knew you automated the thing so that you don’t forget. In fact this is me who don’t understand the “cut from the master branch”. No worry. The point was I improved the translation of the fsWatcher activation notification and hoped it would be ready for 14.47 stable. I should not forget the releases prefix is still “0.” :wink:

v0.14.47 is the source as of April 9th. That’s when v0.14.47-rc.1 was released. Any changes made after that point are not part of 0.14.47, apart from specific bug fixes to the functionality introduced in 0.14.47. Translation changes made between April 9th and now will be part of 0.14.48-rc.1 released next week, and hence 0.14.48 released the first Tuesday of June (in about a month from now).

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Which means that we can never ship a build where all new strings are translated. (Which is ok for me, just for clarification to @cosas )

I don’t think there’s a difference compared to how it ever was. It’s just that the release version lags the bleeding edge by a month - in features, bugfixes, new bugs, translations, and everything. For any given new feature it will on average live in master for about two weeks before the release cutoff, so there is time to get translations in during that window.

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