Syncthing v0.14.46



  • #2571: Replacing a directory with a symlink or vice versa is buggy
  • #4573: Inaccessible files during scan are marked as deleted
  • #4616: Send only folder out of sync due to ignored items
  • #4627: A file deleted from all nodes may exist in the “out of sync” list
  • #4759: List of out of sync items from remote device is not displayed
  • #4762: Fails to create folder root directory on Windows
  • #4764: Env var for db metadata in help text differs from code
  • #4778: Doesn’t connect when multiple remote devices are using the same relay
  • #4799: Scan on absolute path creates incorrect absolute duplicate file infos
  • #4806: Panic in FS watcher in FreeBSD 8.3

There is also a new relay server release:

  • #4745: Relay server doesn’t make outgoing HTTPS requests from its bind address

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