Syncthing v0.14.40


This is a regularly scheduled stable release.

Resolved issues:

  • #3628: More data is reported as part of the anonymous usage report.
  • #4392: Sync errors are better reported.
  • #4405: Removing paused folders does not cause a panic.
  • #4414: Local IPv4 discovery is more resilient against write failures.
  • #4431: Clearer logging around config failures at startup.
  • #4432: Do not complain about inability to fsync files.
  • #4446: KCP connections are improved.
  • #4451: Folder health checking is improved.

This release also includes built in support for file system notifications, although it is disabled by default. To test this functionality, enable the advanced folder config fsWatcherEnabled.

Additionally, the UDP based ā€œKCPā€ protocol is now enabled by default. This provides better connectivity through NAT devices. TCP is the preferred connection protocol when available.


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