Syncthing v0.14.4


This is a minor release recommended for all users. Several bugs have been fixed and enhancements added.


  • Timestamps are now compared with up to nanosecond precision and synced with up to microsecond precision, depending on the filesystem in use.
  • Restart no longer needed to remove devices, unshare or reconfigure folders.

Resolved issues since v0.14.3:

  • #1300: In sync percentage is weighted to folder size, not just average of folder completion.
  • #3012: Files with invalid file names for Windows now show up in the list of failed items.
  • #3297: Accessibility in the GUI is improved.
  • #3305: High precision time stamps.
  • #3457: Ignores and invalid file names are now handled correctly when delta indexes are being used.
  • #3458: Files inside directories with names ending in space are now correctly handled on Windows.
  • #3466: Connection switching (relay->direct) no longer causes a crash.
  • #3468: Old index databases (v0.11-v0.12 and v0.13) are now properly cleaned away from disk.
  • #3470: Syncthing no longer claims a connection was from an ignored device when the device is just unknown.

The rescan after the upgrade can take quite some time. I guess it’s because syncthing thinks that all files were changed because of the high precision timestamps.

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