Syncthing v0.14.34^H^H35


This is a regularly scheduled stable release unscheduled release in panic mode.

Resolved issues:

  • #2157: The new folder dialog now suggests a default path. Adjustable via advanced config defaultFolderPath.
  • #4272: The build script no longer sets -installsuffix by default.
  • #4286: Prevents a vulnerability that allows file overwrite via versioned symlinks

Note that the last issue is a security vulnerability. Symlinks on Windows are not supported and have not been created by Syncthing for a while. Nonetheless, if you use symlinks on Windows and Syncthing versioning you may have symlinks in your versioning directory from earlier versions. You must remove these manually. Syncthing can not remove them automatically because there are other things that look to us like symlinks but are not - deduplicated files, primarily. (This is one of the reasons symlinks are not supported on Windows.)

On other platforms the versioning directory is cleaned from symlinks as part of the upgrade.

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So, I fucked up this release and the cleanup step turned out to delete all symlinks in folders with versioning enabled. Which is clearly not the intended behavior. We’re currently working on a fixed version that should be out shortly. It will also have a recovery step that tries to restore the incorrectly deleted symlinks. It turned out not to be possible to recover from this. Sorry.

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v0.14.35 is now out to fix this, hopefully.


Thank you for your work on this. I hope this hasn’t affected too many users negatively, but I for one will continue to support this project. For a software project, this is run transparently and well in my opinion. As far as an open source project, this is run exceptionally well, and the software is high quality. Don’t let this one hickup slow you down :smiley:


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