Syncthing v0.14.28


This is a regularly scheduled stable release.

Resolved issues:

  • #1879: It is now possible to create custom event subscriptions via the REST API.
  • #2250: Removing large folders now uses less memory.
  • #3307: The minimum disk space (per folder and for the home disk) can now be set to an absolute value.
  • #3965: Pausing or reconfiguring a folder will no longer start extra scans. Pausing a folder stops scanning.
  • #3996: Ignore patterns can now be set at folder creation time, and for paused folders.
  • #4020: It is no longer possible to configure the GUI/API to listen on a privileged port using the standard settings dialog.
  • #4096: The device allowed subnet list can now include negative ("!") entries to disallow subnets.
  • #4112: Doing “Override changes” now uses less memory.
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