Syncthing v0.14.27


This is a regularly scheduled stable release.

Resolved issues since v0.14.26:

  • #219: Devices can now have a list of allowed subnets (advanced config)
  • #234: The transfer rate units can now be changed by clicking on the value
  • #1819: UI text explaining “Introducer” is improved
  • #2267: Advanced config editor can now edit lists of things
  • #2519: Directories created for new folders now obey the user umask setting (on Unixes)
  • #4053: Incoming index updates are consistency checked better

In the next release (.28) you will also be able to say which subnets are disallowed. That is, an access list like !, will disallow connections from and allow connections from everywhere else (IPv4). But not in .27 yet.

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