Syncthing v0.14.24


This is a regularly scheduled stable release.

Resolved issues since v0.12.23

  • #3884: lib/sync: Fix a race in unlocker logging
  • #3976: Links and log messages refer to https instead of http where possible


  • As of this release, symlinks are no longer supported on Windows.
  • The default number of parallel file processing routines per folder is now two (previously one), and the number of simultaneously outstanding network requests has been increased.
  • The GUI now contains buttons to pause or resume all folders with a single action.

Is there any “intended delay” within the autoupdate mechanism?

On my clients “Upgrade to 0.14.24” button appeared just after the release (few hoours ago), but the clients themselves are not auto-upgrading. Usually, few minutes after the “upgrade” button shows up, clients upgrade and restart to the new version…

Clients in question are set to “Automatic upgrades: Stable releases only”

Yes. The web GUI does an update check when you load it and shows the button. But the internal auto update mechanism is separate and only checks once every 12 hours for a new release. Once one device upgrades though, the others will see in the connection handshake that they are lagging and upgrade themselves in quick succession.

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