Syncthing v0.14.22 & v0.14.23


This is a regular periodic release recommended for all users.

Resolved issues

  • #3935: Leading and trailing spaces are no longer stripped in the GUI password field
  • #3908: The GUI shows remaining amount of data to sync per folder.
  • #3933: There should no longer be empty entries in the global log
  • #3938: Weak hashing is now by default only enabled when it makes sense from a performance point of view.


This release introduces the the ability to choose between stable and candidate releases for auto upgrades. See also:

I notice that #3938 has slipped into the release without hitting a release candidate.

Policy v Pragmatism?

The first RC was not a real RC, I just needed one to ensure that it was possible to release RC:s and that the 0.14.22 real release would be able to upgrade to them.

furry nuff.

Just curious…

I may have missed something, but I don’t see the binary releases for v0.14.22 on the Github Releases page. I see them for the RC, but not the released version. Are we getting those elsewhere now?

Thanks, Scott

I pulled back this release due to

and will post a v0.14.23 once this is solved. It “only” affects users running syncthing manually, without a service manager. Nonetheless, it’s better to pause the upgrading for those not yet on v0.14.22 and allow them to get a fixed version directly.

Man, auto upgrade issues are the worst. Sorry.

v0.14.23 is now out and contains a fix for this.

It’s awesome how we celebrate the new release candidate process by immediately proving the need for it, before it has time to become effective. :unamused: