Syncthing v0.14.13


This is a minor release recommended for all users.

Resolved issues:

  • #3394: CPU usage when scanning is improved.
  • #2472: Writing config and .stignore files on filesystems without chmod support should now work.
  • #3758: Language selector stays above the bottom bar.

Also, v0.14.12 was released out of sync with the bi-weekly schedule last week.

Resolved issues in v0.14.12:

  • #3737: A data race in the code that caused test failures, and possibly other inconsistencies, has been resolved.
  • #3241: Links in warning messages are now clickable in the GUI.
  • #3711: Files are now synced to disk before committed to database, to avoid possible inconsistencies if a power failure occurs during syncing.
  • #3724: Log entries now mention folder by label in addition to the ID.

In addition:

  • The default folder now has the folder ID “default” again, simplifying initial setup.
  • Retries for misconfigured relay setups are slowed down somewhat to be kinder on our relay pool infrastructure.