Syncthing v0.14.1


This is a minor release recommended for all users.

This release includes “delta indexes”, a backwards compatible protocol enhancement. Prior to delta indexes being implemented, full index information was exchanged at every connection start. With delta indexes, only index information that has changed since last contact is transferred. Delta indexes are enabled automatically between 0.14.1+ devices.

Resolved issues since v0.14.0:

  • #438: Delta indexes are now implemented.

  • #3440: Files that grow or shrink during scanning would result in conflicts or inconsistent data after synchronization. This issue was introduced in 0.14.0.


One thing to note about the delta index addition is that it means that Syncthing now knows about files on other devices even when they are not connected. That means that if you had a file that should have been synced from a device, but you got disconnected, your local folder will display as “out of sync” even while disconnected. Previously it would look “up to date” as we wouldn’t know any better.


Need… to… upgrade NOW

Thank you so (!) much for this…


Upgrading now, delta indexes is a killer feature. Thank you for listening to your users. Hope now that inotify integration and next-gen ignores will make their way soon. Keep up the good work :+1:

There may be an issue with symlinks in this release. So, if someone relies on symlinks, he probably wants to wait with the upgrade.

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Yeah, scanning symlinks is broken. I’ve proposed a fix, so there’ll be a dev version to run soon for those who need this right away.

“Development snapshot” linked in the page header has the fix for this.

Wouldn’t a new release be better? I don’t think that linux distributions will package a development snapshot (they even need to be aware of this issue before) and the apt repo also only provides 0.14.1, right? And these are the users that probably rely on symlinks the most.

Also fixing a cluster would be much easier when syncthing’s upgrade mechanism is used and there is a new release.

Of course it’ll be in a release.

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Okay, then I misunderstood you. Sorry. :slight_smile: