Syncthing v0.14.0-beta.1


This is the first beta release of the upcoming v0.14 release. This release introduces a new, future extensible sync protocol and corresponding changes to local discovery and the database. The purpose of this change is to avoid having to do breaking changes to the protocol in the future.

This v0.14 beta can only talk to other v0.14 clients, beta or future. A full rehashing of the folder contents will happen on first restart. To roll back to a v0.13 release, simply download and run a v0.13 Syncthing.

Resolved issues since v0.13.10:

  • #3346: Discovery results now respects address family for listen addresses.
  • #3080: The sync protocol, local discovery protocol and database format is now based on protocol buffers.
  • #3227: File names ending in space are now correctly marked as invalid on Windows.
  • #3278: Local discovery now quickly detects other local devices on restart.
  • #3077: A race condition causing a deadlock on folder addition is fixed.

I used it the last three days to transfer several GBs in a small two device setup. Since the devices are not on the same network, I couldn’t test local discovery.

What can I say… it was probably the most boring beta release of a software I tested. Nothing broke, no strange error messages, not even a single crash. :disappointed: If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t even notice that I used a 0.14 beta release instead of a 0.13.11.

Thanks for this great work. :+1:


Also running it since release and it just works as usual :slight_smile:

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