Syncthing v0.13.8 and v0.13.9


This release fixes a crash on 32 bit platforms introduced in v0.13.8.


This release contains bugfixes and one backwards compatible enhancement.

Resolved issues:

  • #3306: The layout of the out of sync items dialog has been improved.
  • #3310: Folders are now sorted by label, falling back to ID when required.
  • #3330: Windows zip files now make sense when unpacked on non-Windows.
  • #3321: Folder name completion now works for empty names on non-Windows.
  • #2782: Folders can now be symbolic links also when using ~-relative paths.

New features and enhancements:

  • #3340: The discovered device addresses are now shown for disconnected devices.

Release notes slightly delayed from the releases yesterday. I’m aiming to post these here now in addition to on Github, for visibility and since I’m now anyway writing them manually.