Syncthing v0.13.0-beta.2

Syncthing v0.13.0 isn’t released yet, but these notes are valid for the development builds and betas in the meantime and give an overview of what to expect from the actual release.

Upgrade Notes

:bangbang: Not protocol compatible with v0.12.x.

:bangbang: The database format has changed. It will be migrated without rescan on first startup, but the first startup may take longer than usual.

:package: Download the release packages manually here. This beta release is not available vi apt-get, but there are Debian packages here.

:arrow_down: You can downgrade again by simply running the latest v0.12 release. If there have been many changes since the upgrade to v0.13 there may be sync conflicts, as the v0.12 format database hasn’t been updated.

There are probably more changes to come. Do not run this release unless you’re willing to participate in experimenting.

Relevant changes since beta.1

In git log format since I’m lazy. The important stuff is added human readably below as well. :slight_smile:

* 5a98af6 lib/ignore: Implement deletable ignores using (?d) prefix (fixes #1362) (AudriusButkevicius)
* 492e92d gui: Show Javascript error indicator on dev builds, remove logging of missing translations (lkwg82)
* b678b4e cmd/syncthing: Skip a calculation if timediff is zero (fixes #2854) (AudriusButkevicius)
* cc1d122 lib/model: Correctly detect deleted but previously ignored files as deleted (calmh)
* a4f0b85 lib/config: Disable cacheIgnoredFiles, new default is disabled (calmh)
* 7b4e1e9 cmd/syncthing: Fix handler ordering so CORS middleware wraps all the others but the debug one (Laurent Etiemble)
* 4c3cd4c lib/ignore: Replace lib/fnmatch with (calmh)
* 46e913d gui: Improve header and footer layout on small screens (lkwg82)

Important Changes and Improvements

:heavy_check_mark: Folder Labels

Folder labels are now distinct from the folder ID. The intention is for the label to be human readable and for the ID to be machine readable and unique. When upgrading, folder IDs are not changed. However when creating new folders Syncthing will suggest a random, unique folder ID.

(Thanks @lkwg82)

:books: Documentation to update

  • Specs (BEP)
  • Getting started guide
  • “Configuration” article, adds new config fields

:heavy_check_mark: Identification of Connections from Unknown Devices

When receiving a connection attempt from an unknown device Syncthing will now show the name of that device, not only it’s ID.

(Thanks @AudriusButkevicius )

:books: Documentation to update

  • Specs (BEP)

Minor Changes and Improvements

  • Ignored files can now be tagged with the prefix (?d) to indicate that Syncthing may delete these files if they remain when deleting a directory. Ignore patterns use less memory by default.

    • :books: Requires documentation update!
  • The address for sync connections, both the listening side and for remote devices, can now be made IPv4- or IPv6-only. Use the tcp4:// or tcp6:// schemes to specify one or the other. The default tcp:// is still dual stack.

  • The folder settings dialog has been cleaned up.

Things That May Yet Be Included

:grey_question: New, Smarter File Puller


:grey_question: Temporary Indexes


:grey_question: Integrated Filesystem Notification Watcher