SyncThing Using all RAM

SyncThing is installed on Windows Server 2008 and is using all the RAM on the system and not syncing. This causes the server to freeze and then it has to be rebooted. Is this a known issue or is there a fix? If we have to re-install SyncThing will it keep the current settings or would it have to be set back up from scratch? Is there any best practices for being a re-install re-sync? I’m concerned data could be damaged, deleted, or over-written. Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi bt90,

The server had 8gb and was increased to 16gb. I don’t have visibility to the 2008 server so have to ask the server owner. The above information is what he knows. I will see if he has any additional information.

Knowing the number of shared folders, connected devices, devices per folder and data size / number of files within folders would be essential to judge the amount of RAM in relation. A screenshot of the Web GUI would be a start.

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