Syncthing upgrade from v0.12 to v0.13 on freebsd


I am running syncthing on 3 nodes (2 windows PCs and 1 Freebsd file server). I upgraded syncthing on windows PCs fine to v0.13. Clicked on the notification in the GUI to upgrade to v0.13 and it was fine but I dont see the notification on the Freebsd GUI.

On all 3 systems, I just downloaded the syncthing binary and just ran it manually. I did not use the packaged version from Freebsd repository. Up until now, even the Freebsd version upgraded automatically, but for some reason not doing it for v0.13 ( from v0.12). What is the process to upgrade the Freebsd version to v0.13?

  • can I just replace v0.12 binary with v0.13 binary?

Thanks! Vyala

Yes, just replacing the binary works. Automatic upgrades from old versions of 0.12 were broken at some point.

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Thank Audrius! Replacing the binary files worked perfectly.

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