Syncthing update in Syncthing-GTK

I have several Windows PCs running Syncthing-GTK and in the settings I selected to keep Syncthing up to date, but all of them are still running 0.14.27 even though v 0.14.28 has been out for at least a week. Is there anything else I need to do to make the automatic upgrade work? I would really want to avoid having to manually update so many instances.

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Ping @kozec

same on linux

Does SyncTrazor have the auto update feature working?

With SyncTrayzor, you can use the normal auto upgrade from Syncthing, which is working without problems.

Do both synctrazor and Syncthing-gtk place the syncthing binary and config in the same location? I am hoping I can just un-install and install the other one without having to reconfigure anything.

I don’t know what Syncthing-GTK does. The installed version of SyncTrayzor uses the same config location as “raw” Syncthing.

Thanks for pinging me, it should work now.

Thank you, I see some of my devices started to upgrade upon restart. Do we need to ping you every time a new version is out?

Well, this gave me an excuse to install SyncTrayzor and it nicely picked up all my configs and I was running with it in no time. Like the idea of having a single interface instead of two like it is in Syncthing-GTK. Thank you for the app.

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