Syncthing unrecognized in zshell macos.

Forgive me for being a noob. I cannot wait till github codespaces save us all the pain of installing software.

I have built the application on mac os as specified here However, it seems like there is a step that goes unmentioned: how do I run the built version. In the following entry, it seems to say something like use syncthing command to do X. I am not sure if it means the build failed, but their is still syncthing command recognized on my macs zshell. After you “go run build.go”, how do you run the developmental version and/or install syncthing command.

The binary lands in bin directory of the git checkout after building, thats what you should run. You can specify the full path to the file to run it, if you’re not sure how relative paths work

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thank you

I think the guide could have been more clear in specifying the binary to run is bin/syncthing

I think it’s reasonably clear on that ("you will have a syncthing binary built and ready in ~/dev/syncthing/bin"), but the dev docs do assume a familiarity with the command line.

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