Syncthing-ubuntu-indicator updated for v0.11

A Syncthing indicator menu (for Ubuntu and other systems supporting AppIndicator) has been updated for v0.11:

This is intended to be a simple status menu and not a complete GUI replacement. Syncthing versions before v0.11 are no longer supported. The project is a work in progress and contributions are welcome.



I’ve added a few new features to the Syncthing indicator menu (for Ubuntu and other systems supporting AppIndicator):

  • Start, restart, and shutdown Syncthing from the indicator. This feature is mainly intended for laptop users who might want to shutdown Syncthing when on battery or on a public network. Customize to enable this. If you don’t want to use this feature, starting the indicator with --no-shutdown will hide those menu items.
  • Clicking an item in the Folders or Recently updated menus opens a file browser.
  • The indicator recognizes when devices/folders are added/removed on a restart of Syncthing. Restarting the indicator is not necessary.
  • The indicator turns red when errors are reported by Syncthing (/rest/system/error). You can open the web gui to view and clear them.

Please download from GitHub and give it some testing. Contributions, enhancements, and bugfixes are welcome. Screenshots: