Syncthing Tutorial Videos

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to continue those pretty old and outdated threads, I’d like post some fresh video links helping new users to get a good point to start with setting up their Syncthing devices.

Former threads:

Useful youtube videos I’ve found:

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What did you use to simulate the phone?


I’ve used Android Studio’s emulator with the Pixel 2 XL Android Pie image from Google.

Here is another good one:


[2014/12/28] [EN] Syncthing Overview and Demo by Peter Timofejew

[2016/09/18] [EN] Setup and Review of SyncThing, The Open Source File synchronization tool by Lawrence Systems / PC Pickup

[2019/10/06] [EN] Why We Use Syncthing, The Open Source Private File Syncing Tool instead of NextCloud by Lawrence Systems / PC Pickup


Here’s one in german about encryption : (by usefulvid)

This one is quite new, and describes configuring and using untrusted devices and receive encrypted folders.

[2021/06/09] [EN] Configuring SyncThing Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices by Lawrence Systems

The one below is in Polish. It talks about configuring Syncthing in Linux and Android. There aren’t many Polish videos that discuss Syncthing, and this one is quite detailed when it comes to configuring and using it for the first time.

[2020/11/28] [PL] Syncthing - Współdziel pliki między swoimi urządzeniami automatycznie bez żadnych serwerów i chmur ! by Świat Linuksa


I want to slap people every time I see SyncThing casing.


Don’t you like camelCase? Uh: you don’t like Java at all?

Its more about product name rather than what case is used.

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Not a tutorial, but a “nice film act in the woods”: MattColbo Explaining Syncthing, Probably. - YouTube Somehow this got me a smile :slight_smile:

That’s so cool, and weird.