Syncthing trying to create infinite path


Hello fellow Syncers,

Recently I added a couple of old backups to an existing syncthing folder. Some hours after adding them, I noticed my /var/log/ folder was over 30G(?!?) in size, about twice the size of the partition. The syncthing log file was flooded with:

[LL4JQ] 17:34:30 INFO: Puller (folder "documents" (oh4aoh-2xwb8g), file /home/share/syncthing/documents/[..]/vendor/maximebf/debugbar/src/DebugBar/Resources/widgets/templates/templates/[insert a lot of templates/ (like, 200 or so)]/templates/templates/templates: file name too long

The folder exists, with 1 templates/ map, but it kept getting bigger. I removed the folder since then, but the error messages keep flooding in. I would like to be able to use my syncthing folder again, preferably without having to recreate it, because it’s used on a lot of other computers.

Thanks in advance!


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What kind of thing is templates on the other side? Do you have nested (Syncthing) folders somehow?

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