syncthing trayzor exited

newbie question. i have syncthing trayzor on 2 windows pc which were syncing and up to date. on one of the pc’s i accidently exited and syncthing has disappeared completely and i can’t locate it. i assumed when i set this up it installs on pc but is that not the case?

is there an easy way to get syncthing back working without setting up a new connection?

If you’ve installed SyncTrayzor normally, it should be located in the Start Menu. If it’s not there, there’s a possibility that you used the portable version, which doesn’t install anything into the actual system, but it rather keeps all the files inside its folder.

I’d suggest to perform a basic search for “synctrayzor” or “syncthing” on your system drive, e.g. using the Windows Explorer. If you know how to open the command prompt, you could also search for the files using dir /a /b /s %systemdrive%\syncthing and dir /a /b /s %systemdrive%\synctrayzor. Then, you’ll be able to see where the files are located.


Thank you - I think that is it - I was using the portable version but have switched over to the installation version.

On another question - when I have 2 PCs connected with their ID and lets say one of the PCs lose their connection etc and I need to set up the PC again - it comes up with a new ID - is there any way to manually edit that ID back to its original ID?

Add the same device with the new ID. I have a PC that does that depending on what profile is logged in.


It’s been this way for around two years and hasn’t been an issue.

I know that but my issue is it starts a new sync and with nearly 200gb to sync - it takes quite a time to re-sync / scan etc

Yes, but you need to have your old cert.pem and key.pem keys. Please check for their location depending on the OS. If you’ve lost the old key files though, then reusing the old ID will be impossible.

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